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Strictly Hi-End

The only way to design state-of-the-art audio equipment is to have some experience with the finest available recording equipment AND playback equipment. Our systems have been designed using a variety of state-of -the-art phono playback equipment and custom-made Tape Recorders including the battery operated Stellavox SM-8 using 1/4" tape at 30 ips and Stellavox TD-9 using 1/2" tape at 30 ips using Bruel & Kjaer 4135 and Neumann TLM50 & M150 microphones.

Our impressive 'listening laboratory' is rivalled by our comprehensive testing facilities where each amplifier is individually calibrated and tested by an experienced technician before being subjected to extensive listening tests over a one week burn-in period.

  • Painstaking selection and matching by hand of all the components
  • Bespoke hand-made production by one technician from start to finish.
  • Millitary-spec grade components. CNC machined & laser etched panels.
  • Over 300 "in-house" Master Tape concert recordings as our ABSOLUTE REFERENCE.

Product Portfolio

IKARUS Integrated Amplifier

" At the time of publishing, it is unsurpassed by any other device in the market... ". VuMetre Review IKARUS MANUAL

Marquis Preamplifier

" The Marquis is as fast as the devil, creates a beautiful aura without any indication of overshoot, has glow and spirit, temperament and cunning. It has fire. In comparison to the Marquis, most so called super-preamps sound waste, flabby, boring." Ulrich Michalik, HI FI EXCLUSIV , Germany. Read More

OPUS Mastering Preamplifier

" It would make a perfect tool to assess equipment by. If any component is not in the top league, the amps will betray the culprit with surprising honesty." Alan Sircom, HI FI CHOICE, England. Read More

Solitaire Power Amplifier

"Its sound is characterised by exquisite spatial presentations, solid dynamics, great transparency.A Bascom H. King thumbs up for this one!" Bascom King, AUDIO USA. Read More SOLITAIRE MANUAL

Soliloquy Reference Monoblocks

"The MAS doesn't come off as 'transistory' or clinical ... it had a feather-light touch and a way with tiny details that suggest either a pedigreed 60W or 70W per channel tube amp of recent vintage ..." Ken Kessler, HI FI NEWS& RECORD REVIEW, England. Read More

Metaxas Fountain Pens

" Machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminium or titanium. Read More


Some highlights of our 2014-2015 art and design ideas. Read More

Empress & Emperor Electrostatics

The Emperor Loudspeaker redefines what "reality" should sound like and is the ultimate monitor for spatiality for Classical Recordings. Read More

History - Milestones

German Stereoplay "REFERENZ" in 1988
February, 1988Stuttgart
Klaus Renner [DAS OHR] introduced MAS to Germany in 1982 and called it "THE SECRET WEAPON FROM AUSTRALIA". This drew attention to our little company from "down-under". In February 1988 our "OPULENCE" preamplifier was crowned "REFERENZ" - the absolute standard in Hi End Audio. Notice that our entry level IRAKLIS was also rated in the top class of Amplifiers! [READ THE REVIEW]
June, 1990Melbourne
The iconic look of our flagship Opulence Preamplifier and Soliloquy Monoblock power amplifiers gave way in 1990 to our new range of more affordable separates - the entry level Charisma/Iraklis and mid-level Marquis/Solitaire combination. We were lauded in the important UK & USA Audio Press. [READ MORE]
Designs for GOLDMUND & SOUTHER[now Clearaudio]
August, 1987Melbourne
GOLDMUND acquired the design for our T3F tonearm RIAA phono stage [which then became part of their flagship preamplier]. Our Souther Arm Phono Stage introduced Lou Souther to Peter Suchy who ended up acquiring the company. [...]
August, 1984Melbourne
One of the first productions of the GOLDMUND REFERENCE turntable with T3F arm made it's way to our design studio followed closely by the Swiss Stellavox SM8 and TD9 Tape Recorders [...]
New Premises
August, 1991Melbourne
Expansion allowed us to move into a bigger manufacturing facilty.[...]
Digital Front Ends & Electrostatic Speakers
June, 1991Chicago
We debutted our "State-of-the-art" Digital playback system with the world's first Hi-End use of Bruce Jackson's [APOGEE] low-jitter clock. Our electrostatic speakers received accolades from the most serious audiophiles including being acquired as REFERENCES by our friends at JADIS Amplifiers in France. [...]
MAS Evolution from 1990's to 2000
August, 2002Melbourne
Seamless welded then polished anti-magnetic stainless-steel monococque construction heralded a breakthrough in 2002. Using a combination of SOLIDWORKS and CATIA 3D software with PROTEL 3D & Spice Modelling PCB software, we were able to break through the shackles of traditional audio design. [...]
June, 1991Australia
Even as early as 1986 we won our first Australian Export Award. This was followed by our second award in 1991, then a BHP [Steel] design award and finalists in the Australian Small Business Awards. [...]
So neutral though, is the Metaxas Opulence/Soliloquy set up that I could have used just about any sources I liked once the interconnecting cables were sorted. All I'd be hearing were the individual characteristics of the source components. However neutral or 'naked' the sound, the MAS doesn't come off as 'transistory' or clinical ... it had a feather-light touch and a way with tiny details that suggest either a pedigreed 60W or 70W per channel tube amp of recent vintage ..." .
Ken Kessler,HI FI NEWS& RECORD REVIEW, England.


I've diversified into a few other businesses since 1981 when I started METAXAS AUDIO SYSTEMS. Namely media. Originally in 1986 with VIVE MAGAZINES and then broadcast television from 2003.


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