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Literally translated from the Greek language, Iraklis means 'Hercules', which best describes the ability of this titan to produce prodigious output and an expansive sound stage with an almost unlimited 500WATT current reserve despite its conservative 70WATT per channel rating.

What the critics say...

" With this amplifier, some instruments which until now were previously hidden by others, appear in all their richness of timbre, with expressivity. The ambience of the concert halls, the reverberation of the cathedral's atmosphere with a sense of air, are one by one reproduced with realism, with a three dimensional effect which transcribes with precision each technique of producing the sound.
The IRAKLIS is an amplifier in the grand class that one must absolutely discover; but beware, once you have experienced it, you won't want to leave it".
Jean Hiraga/Patrick Vercher, LA NOUVELLE REVUE DU SON, France.

" The Metaxas gave an effortless, polished sound for choir recordings and reproduced voices very smoothly without the slightest trace of harshness. One almost felt reminded of an excellent tube amplifier".
M.Kucera, SOUND MAGAZINE, Switzerland.

" The image leaves nothing to be desired, nor does it leave anything up to the imagination. One can clearly hear where the sounds from the various instruments are located. This indicates well maintained focal information and correct placement within the soundstage. Excellent horizontal dimensions, great vertical reach combines with terrific front to back representation. Would we buy this amp? The answer is a resounding YES! We suggest a listen to this amplifier; its entry level high-end without the price tag".
Ernie Fischer THE INNER EAR REPORT, Canada.

" ... after half an hour (the Iraklis), is capable of giving a sonic performance close to excellent, with one or two state of the art touches in terms of imaging and midrange transparency. Although quite versatile in terms of functions and real output power (they drive difficult loudspeakers such as the 3 Ohm Thiel with authority), where they really look unbeatable is with small high class speakers, assuming a careful set up; both with the Acoustic Energy AE1 and the ROGERS LS3/5a where they provided a performance of intoxicating vivacity and solidity, with a deep and wide soundstage, especially with vinyl".
Gianfranco Machelli, STEREO, Italy.

" After the initial 'so-so' period while it was settling down it developed that easy confidence which is the signature of a thoroughbred ... This has served to confirm my opinion that although one might describe its appearance as business-like rather than pretty, its sound is fully capable of bringing on the elated feeling that often follows a good live convert performance".
Geoff Horn, GRAMOPHONE, England.

" The first thing I noticed about the amplifier when driven by the NAIM CDS was the outstanding speed and retrieval of detail. While it pulled excellent bass weight and depth from the EPOS ES11's, its transient response and lack of overhang kept the low end commendably tight and articulate. On music where the reverb had been applied with a shovel, and where bass guitar competed with synths and kick drums, the Metaxas combination (Charisma/Iraklis) maintained similar clarity in the lowest register. Further up the scale, especially in its extreme treble, the amp sounded equally precise and taut. This dryness made for detailed appraisal of percussion figures, string harmonics and upper vocal registers. The same effect was noticeable to a lesser extent in the midrange. Notes appeared at the correct pitch and emerged at the right time, so it portrayed music's fundamentals satisfactorily. These amplifiers are clearly high end p;erformers-powerful, revealing and free from serious vices".
Malcolm Steward AUDIOPHILE, England.

"Only the IRAKLIS was able to arrange the musical images even better to the point where you reached the perfect illusion. Rating: Absolute Spitzenclasse Class A." Johnnes Maier, STEREOPLAY, Germany.