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About Us

Metaxas & Sins, founded by Kostas Metaxas, is renowned for creating “high-end audio sculptures” and “kinetic art objects” - not merely hi-fi. Furthermore, Kostas is also a prolific recording engineer who's made hundreds of live concert recordings using magnetic open-reel tape.

So, it stands to reason that his reel-to-reel machines caught Jonathan Valin of THE ABSOLUTE SOUND's eye. They have now been selected to join his carefully curated collection, You can and read his review here.

Metaxas & Sins is based in the Netherlands, where Kostas and his sons carefully hand-make these pieces of sonic art. Kostas is a renowned artist and product designer whose collaborations with respected luxury brands stretch well beyond audio equipment – pens, clocks and much more.

As with all Metaxas & Sins' creations, the design is horologically inspired and offers the user the tactile appeal of precision mechanical machinery. The high-end wristwatch design is followed through in the TR-X with the use of a tourbillon, an addition to the mechanics of a watch lever escapement to increase accuracy and has been used for the first time in a reel-to-reel tape machine to regulate the speed of the tape.

Even though right through to the 1990s, reel-to-reel machines were the established method of capturing master recordings in the music world, it was never a widely adopted format for the home the way vinyl or compact cassette was.

As Jonathan Valin of THE ABSOLUTE SOUNDS wrote: I’m going to finish by saying something I probably shouldn’t say (and have never said in TAS before), but…if you’ve got the dough and the access to R2R tapes—and you aren’t wedded to the idea of owning a full-sized machine like the SuperDeck—then don’t even think about it: Just buy the T-RX. I did.