Metaxas & Sins Creatives

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CEO / Art director

Kostas Metaxas

Kostas Metaxas is an articulate and forceful champion of audio without comprise. He is a connoisseur of fine music, a man for whom second best isn’t good enough. In September of 1981, Kostas formed the company which bears his name. Known all over the world today simply by its initials, M&S, Metaxas & Sins was founded for several reasons.

Product Designer

Alessandro Metaxas

A multi-disciplinary creative with a background in Industrial design;  branched out to learn more about graphic, visual branding, concept art, motion as well as refining his abilities in user experience and Interface design; overall expanding his knowledge in these other disciplines has helped him Inform his abilities in understanding users need and pain-points.

Electrical/Software Engineer

Andreas Metaxas

Embedded Hardware, Firmware & Software Design Engineer, studied at Swinburne University where be build his knowledge of software and electrical engineering which he has used to work on large scale projects in proving better systems for business and clients.