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Design Practise

The obsession of Kostas throughout his career has always been to offer a way to “be there,” by providing a quality level that makes the user feel that they are actually attending a live concert.

With this objective in mind, Kostas founded his company at the beginning of the 1980s, and it has been committed to the highest electronics and constructive technologies since its inception, in order to offer what he defines as “the best sound equipment that money can buy.”

Parallel to his brilliant technical development, Metaxas has been gaining importance in the design industry by producing decorative objects with remarkable personality and disruptive aesthetics. The intention of Metaxas & Sins is to offer equipment that provides both visual and sound value to space.

Its design is not only aesthetic, but state-of-the-art engineering is incorporated as well as the unmistakable vision of Metaxas & Sins.

The only way to design state-of-the-art audio equipment is to have experience with the finest available recording equipment AND playback equipment. Our systems have been designed using a variety of state-of -the-art phono playback equipment and custom-made Tape Recorders.

Including the battery operated Stellavox SM-8 using 1/4" tape at 30 ips and Stellavox TD-9 using 1/2" tape at 30 ips using Bruel & Kjaer 4135 and Neumann TLM50 & M150 microphones.

Similarly, Kostas is unapologetic about the market he serves. He aims, quite simply, to provide the “fi nest objects money can buy.” And what sort of people are M &.S customers? Generally they view audio as a well-deserved indulgence. But no matter what their occupation, their preoccupation is to know and appreciate the difference between better and best , to listen with their heart and ears and blissfully “get lost in the music”..

To put it mildly, Metaxas & Sins is unlike any other audio business.